deck repairs and restoration

Prevent costly replacement of your deck and increase its longevity. Castle will fix these areas quickly to restore your current deck:

Decayed or Rotted Wood.
Focus on areas that appear to remain wet.  Find any wood that is rotted or decayed.  If such an area has splintered, attempt to pull a piece off.  We use a screwdriver to poke and pick at the wood.  If it feels soft or spongy, that is a tell-tale sign that the wood must be replaced.

Deck Fasteners.
Fasteners include nails, screws and anchors.  We replace nails that are sticking out, or screws that have corroded.  Corroded, loose, or missing fasteners can continue to damage the wood around them and undermine the structural integrity of the deck, railings and stairs.

Railings and Stairs.
We test all rails and banisters to make sure they are secure.  We inspect the deck surface and stair treads to make sure there is no sagging or cracked boards.  Stand on the deck surface and deck stairs and shift your weight back and forth to see if there is any sway or excessive bounce.

Cleaning and Maintenance.
Mold, moss and discoloration damages the deck wood quickly if not removed and properly sealed.

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