Green painting solutionsCastle Paint provides many GREEN Solutions for our customers. We use acrylic enamels instead of oil based paints which are extremely durable. Consider this GREEN alternative for your woodwork!

Some benefits of using acrylic-based paints are that these paints never yellow or chalk and provide better color retention! In addition, you can clean up using water – No harsh solvents are required!

Castle Paint offers a whole range of wall and ceiling paints that are very low VOC, or ZERO VOC. One product, for example, is called Aura Paint from Benjamin Moore. It is zero VOC. Even the colorants used are water based!

We also offer water-based latex paints and primers for exterior applications where applicable. Going green, for us involves regularly recycling to installing energy-conscious electric appliances, we’ve all become aware of how we can help the environment.

Here are some ways to go green with Castle Paint for interior and exterior painting:

  • When possible, opt for paint with low levels of VOC. Ideally, you’ll want to find a paint line that contains no more than 50 g/l of VOC per gallon. Sherwin Williams Harmony paints fits the bill here.
  • Natural-based paints are becoming an extremely popular choice, especially with regards to home interior painting. From milk-based paint to clay paint, these types of environmentally safe paints emit little to no VOCs. Bonus: the streaky finish of milk-based paints can give any room an antique look and feel.
  • Finally, opt to paint your home interior or exterior with recycled paint. This kind of Atlanta green painting cuts down on landfill waste and the expense of raw materials, and is even considered low-impact on the wallet (a gallon costs no more than $10)

Learning how to go green with home interior and exterior painting doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive!

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