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Small Paint Repair Jobs in Bucks County, PA

Find out why Castle Painting is your go-to contractor for your paint repair needs in Bucks County

Are you looking for wall repair services? Let our family help yours!   With over 40+ years in the business, we offer a variety of wall repair services in the Bucks County area to ensure that your home always stays in tip-top shape.

Drywall Repairs

As one of the most common types of home repair, drywall can be a pain to deal with. At Castle Painting, our team is well-trained to take care of it for you, while leaving your home and belongings drywall dust-free. We are trained in:

  • Repairing water damage

  • Removing nail pops

  • Repairing settlement Cracks

  • Repairing accidental damage

Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke damage can be incredibly difficult to repair on your own. At Castle Painting, our team has the specialized equipment and skills necessary for:

  • Treating surfaces to remove soot

  • Removing damaged drywall as needed

  • Priming & sealing affected areas

  • Repainting to like-new condition

Wallpaper Removal

Change of style? At Castle Painting, our team is equipped to safely remove your old wallpaper while leaving no mess or harmful chemicals behind.

  • Removing outdated wallpaper/wall coverings in a clean, contained environment, with pet & child-safe products

  • Cleaning & prepping surfaces for new finishes

  • Priming & painting for desired new look

  • Daily clean-up

Looking for a complete redesign? We offer a full service interior & exterior painting services in {location}. Read more about our interior painting services here, and more about our exterior painting services here.

We want your total satisfaction AND Guarantee it!

We specialize in full service turnaround, and have never missed a completion date. Castle Painting is proudly family owned and operated since 1985, so please, let our family take care of yours! Contact us today at the form below to get a free quote.

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